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A New Year...  A New You

"Paint a new picture of YOU this year.  Get back into the game of life!"  

You probably want to do more this year than the last.  You want to move, you want to be mobile and enjoy life more to the fullest.  Then why not start 2018 painting a new picture of you?  And HOW can you do that?

Don't let this be you... watching life pass you by.

At Orange County Rehab Physical Therapy, you'll enjoy SMALL, personalized 30-minute classes (held twice-a-week for 6 weeks) that are designed to meet YOUR needs.  You'll learn exercises to help you gain balance, muscle strength and flexibility for stability.  All this will be relaxing and enjoyable!  We'll teach you how to incorporate this in your lifestyle so you can do it regularly on your own once the class is over.  And there is no need to feel embarrassed or shy because others in the classes are there for the very same reason.  You and your peers will enjoy the camaraderie of common goals and progressing together with the therapist. 

We'll teach you what this means, and how to gain back some mobility.

Want to be able to be more social and interactive with others?

Ready to give it a try?  Contact our office for the details or a brochure of the class and how to get enrolled.  NO gimmicks, NO hidden stuff.  Just simple care and guidance for those of you with these needs.

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