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"Legs A La Lloyd"
Legs a la Lloyd
A recipe for great legs!  
WHAT is "Legs a la Lloyd?"  
A non-weightlifting leg strengthening and toning program.  We offer a program for the adolescent and the adult.  An evaluation is performed on each participant looking for anatomical and bio-mechanical weaknesses.  Potential injury sites receive further examination from a registered Physical Therapist to determine susceptibility to future injury and certain exercises are modified for increased individual safety.
Repeated or chronic swelling weakens supportive tissues and leads to imbalances, disharmony of muscle contractions and misalignment of joints, causing chronic or recurrent pain.  With "Legs a la Lloyd, Jr." tendons, muscles and ligaments are developed to better support joints and to move swelling away from involved areas leading to fewer recurrent injuries.
LEARN THE PROGRAM, THEN CONTINUE ON YOUR OWN.  Once the adolescents have been instructed in the safest way for them to exercise and they exhibit knowledge, confidence and control with all exercises, they can continue on their own.  
GET AN EDGE ON THE COMPETITION.  Coaches can get a head start on leg development with their athletes utilizing this technique and innovative training regimen effective pre, post, and during season.  
"Legs a la Lloyd, Jr." 
A safe, fun, effective and progressive program designed for adolescents (boys and girls 7-17 years of age) with safety as it's primary consideration.  Special attention is given to avoid undue stresses on growth plates in young growing bones; yet, muscles are worked in such a way as to increase strength, balance, coordination, and explosiveness.  It benefits a wide variety of challenges specific to the adolescent.
Plyometrics, explosion and quickness techniques, popularized by the Russians and East Germans, are tailored to the adolescent's needs.
After 3-5 sessions, kids start to move with more control and balance.  Their muscles and joints adapt to state-of-the-art techniques helping the athlete and non-athlete.
"Legs a la Lloyd" (for adults). 
Participants are taught exercises utilizing their body weight for resistance.
Versions Designed For:
*Clinic - At Orange County Rehab while you learn the program, 2-3 days/week at our facility.
*Your Home - A ball, a wall and floor needed for 90% of the exercises.
*Gym - Designed to be used at your gym.
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