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Because we get YOU BETTER.  Period!   

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Physical Therapy!

**Now offering TELEHEALTH visits!  See Lloyd, your therapist, from the comfort of your home.  Call now for an appointment.

At Orange County Rehab, we will help rid you of pain and discomfort.  You can feel good, stay on the job, and in most cases, afterward continue to enjoy the benefits of the better habits and exercise you learned at Orange County Rehab.  
Many of our patients are doubtful before their first treatment, but become believers when they discover that pain and discomfort can be reduced and even eliminated!  Treatments are tailored to YOUR particular needs and we help you treat yourself!
Our primary staff is headed by Lloyd Cotton, a widely-recognized and experienced Physical Therapist in private practice since 1990.  Lloyd is highly trained in sports medicine and has advanced medical degrees from Boise State University and the University of Washington's School of Medicine.
The bottom line at Orange County Rehab is that we get YOU BETTER, period!  
Orange County Rehab accepts most insurance plans, including PPO's, POS, MEDICARE and Worker's Comp. HMO's are NOT accepted.
For those wanting to opt out of using their health insurance, Orange County Rehab offers a Friends & Family (a la carte) cash discount program where YOU decide what treatment YOU would like (and for how long).  
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